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Hollywood "black List" Pushing Oscar-worthy Scripts To Spotlight - Cbs News

"And I think, because we've become a reliable arbiter of taste, it means that if we say 'Hey, this is something you should pay attention to,' a lot of people in Hollywood will pay attention to it." In the past kim kardashian download decade, 1,040 scripts have made great site the list and 270 of them have been produced. They have received 197 Oscar nominations, and three of the past six Best Picture winners were on The Black List. Ben Affleck, who directed "Argo," discovered the script on The Black List, and it's how Meryl Streep found out about her film "Hope Springs," as she told Charlie Rose in 2012. "There is this list I gather that travels around through all the offices in Hollywood, and everybody knows about it -- it's The Black List," Streep said. The thriller "The Imitation Game" is considered a contender for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay this year. It was the No. 1 script on The Black List in 2011. Graham Moore wrote it.
Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/hollywood-black-list-pushing-oscar-worthy-scripts-to-spotlight/

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