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Hollywood Preparing To Tell Story Of Lynchburg War Hero - Wset.com - Abc13

It left the Army with no other choice but to label him a "Conscientious Objector". In interviews conducted prior to his death in 2006, Doss explain that his commitment to his religious beliefs left him with no other http://sanfordqfpc.newsvine.com choice. Said Desmond Doss in 2006, "I want to be like Christ. I want to save life instead of taking life, and that's the reason I take up medicine." As a medic, Private Doss busted celebrities kim kardashian carried no weapon, yet still walked into battle to help his wounded and fallen brethren. In 1945, he helped rescue 75 men, surrounded by soldiers. That heroism would earn him the Medal of Honor, the first ever given to an objector. Humble to the end, Doss would downplay his role, even telling people there weren't as many people in the field as they tried to give him credit for.
Source: http://www.wset.com/story/27578499/hollywood-preparing-to-tell-story-of-lynchburg-war-hero

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