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Hollywood Call Center Exposed By Local 10 News Now Closed | News - Home

The companies also agreed to cancel orders promptly and refund money within 30 days. Additionally, the companies agree to not repeatedly call consumers or businesses which have expressed a lack of interest in http://paulinepro.soup.io purchasing the products. Finally, Mishkin and the companies were required to make a contribution to the "Seniors vs. Crime" project in the amount of $15,000. But the complaints continue. This is kim kardashian breast not the only business selling OSHA materials. OSHA has put out several warnings about these sale practices. All the information a business is required to have is available for free on OSHA.gov .
Source: http://www.local10.com/news/hollywood-call-center-exposed-by-local-10-news-now-closed/29940912

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