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Texas High School Makes Playoffs At 0-10

''He's got this incredible chance to have a teaching moment for all of his players that they'll remember for years and for the players on the other team that won't be traumatized and will remember for years that compassion plays into a lot of things, even something as competitive as sport,'' said (source) Dan Lebowitz, executive Kim Kardashian calendar director of the Center for the Study of Sport in Society at Northeastern University. Sanders' team has lost by an average score of 53-8 this season, including defeats of 66-0 and 65-0. But that's an improvement over last season, before he took over as head coach, when the Spartans were shut out six straight games. As much as he likes to note the improvement, Sanders isn't hung up on margin of defeat. ''I trust that these coaches out there, they're not going to embarrass the kids,'' said Sanders, who left a job as an assistant at another Houston-area school because he wanted to be a head coach and he thought his teaching could reach beyond the field. ''I'm not going to help the score get run up on me either. I'm not going to be passing the ball every other play if it's getting out of hand.'' Four teams make the playoffs in most of the six classifications in Texas, where 12 state champions are crowned because each class is divided into two divisions. And even though 672 of the state's roughly 1,300 schools make the football playoffs, plenty of teams with winning records are staying home while Scarborough plays in what Texas kids like to call the ''second season,'' since the playoffs go on for six games in most classes.
Source: http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/texas-high-school-makes-playoffs-at-0-10/ar-AA7Q98Z?srcref=rss

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